Curious about Facial Acupuncture?


Have you heard about cosmetic acupuncture and not sure what its all about?

Or are you looking for an alternative to severe treatments such as botox and fillers?

Facial acupuncture is now used by many women and men as part of their healthy ageing routine.

At Qivolve Health, we practice “constitutional facial acupuncture”. This is a combination of facial and body acupuncture points that focusses on both the signs of ageing such as lines, wrinkles and sagging skin as well as the underlying emotions that effect how our faces age.

Thoughts > emotions > facial expressions > facial lines, wrinkles & sagging

Constitutional facial acupuncture is a relaxing, hour long treatment that includes natural, organic Chinese Medicine herbal masks and the application of jade rollers. A series of treatments, focussing on the main facial areas that you would like to target, are recommended to gain the full benefits.

Treatments are provided by Lindy Smithies, a fully qualified acupuncturist. For further information please click here, or contact Lindy directly on 0417 035 003 to discuss in person.

Bookings can be made on-line, or gift certificates are available for initial consultations and treatment.

Lindy Smithies