What is Electro Acupuncture?

Electro-acupuncture involves applying a small electrical charge to the acupuncture needles after they have been inserted into the traditional acupuncture points on the body. The charge is very similar to the normal biological electricity of the human body.

The electrical charge is conducted by the needles and stimulates the muscle that the needle is inserted into. This mild stimulation increases the intensity of the needling and enhances the response.

The degree of stimulation is controllable and is always maintained below each individual’s pain threshold.

The main use of electro-acupuncture is for reducing pain in musculo-skeletal conditions. It can be used for acute, recent injury pain, such as sports injuries and sciatica.

It is particularly effective for chronic pain, eg lower back pain, shoulder pain including frozen shoulder, knee pain and ongoing muscle injuries. It is especially useful for pain that hasn’t responded to other treatments, eg standard acupuncture or cupping.

It can also be effective for some types of muscular spasms.


What to expect?

Your treatment will be very similar to a standard acupuncture session. After a thorough case is taken the most appropriate acupuncture points will be chosen and needles inserted. Some of these needles will then have electro clips attached to them. The intensity will be adjusted to a level that is comfortable for you.

The needles are retained for the standard length of time, usually 20 minutes, with the electrical stimulation. This can be turned off at any time and the needles retained for the full session.

Most people describe the sensation as a “vibration” or “humming sensation”. As with all acupuncture sessions, it is usually quite relaxing.

There are some people that electro-acupuncture is not suitable for, including:

  • During pregnancy

  • Epilepsy, or if you experience seizures (or have a history of seizures)

  • A history of heart disease or stroke

  • If you have a pace-maker inserted

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