Constitutional Facial Acupuncture

Our face is the most emotive part of our body – it is a mirror of our health and the facial expressions that we commonly use influence the way our facial muscles change with time.

Facial lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and loss of radiance are considered to be a normal part of ageing. However, most changes are due to environmental damage, ie sun exposure and pollution, and the result of your emotional life – grief, worry, sadness and stress all leave tell tale signs in the way your face ages.

Thoughts -> emotions -> facial expressions -> facial lines, wrinkles & sagging

Constitutional facial acupuncture aims to help reduce these signs as well as focusing on your underlying emotions. It is a holistic, full body treatment that views the face as an extension of the acupuncture meridians of the body that flow from the soles of our feet to the top of our head. Needles are placed in the face to target specific lines, wrinkles and loss of tone as well as individually chosen acupuncture points on the body meridians that correlate with the emotions that you have experienced.

Beauty has no age

How does Facial Acupuncture work?

Facial needles cause a minor, painless micro-trauma at the needling site.  This encourages a healing response from the body, resulting in:

  • Increased blood flow, oxygen and nutrient flow to the area. 

  • The minor trauma is believed to stimulate fibroblasts (cells) that encourage collagen production and improve skin elasticity.

  • Targeting specific motor points on the face helps improve muscle tone and reduce sagging. (Kim, M (2013); Kingston, A (2016); Louarn, C, Buthiau, D, Buis, J (2007))

What changes may I experience?

  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

  • Reduction of puffiness and bags under eyes

  • Tightening of pores and brighter eyes

  • May improve collagen production and muscle tone

  • Reduction in sagging tendencies, help to reduce double chin, sagging neck and lift drooping mouth and eyelids

  • Increased local blood and lymph circulation, improved facial colour and improved natural radiance

  • Improvement to facial conditions such as Bell’s palsy and TMJ disorders

  • Improvement of acne, psoriasis, eczema and rosaceae

  • Help to relieve sinus congestion and “sinus” headaches

  • Help to relieve and reduce headaches

  • Help to reduce stress and promote well-being

What to Expect

Your initial treatment will be 1½ hours and include a comprehensive case discussion where you will choose the main facial areas that you would like to focus on. Your relaxing treatment includes thorough facial cleansing with natural, organic products.

After the facial and body needles are inserted, you will be left in a quiet, relaxed space for 20 minutes to allow Qi flow to complete a full circuit of your body. You will be free to meditate, listen to relaxing music or have an uninterrupted nap. Many people report a sense of calm relaxation or euphoria during their treatment.

Your treatment finishes with a nourishing organic moisturiser suited to your skin type and the application of Chinese jade rollers. You will then be able to re-apply make-up if you wish, and keep going with your day – feeling rested and energised.

Occasionally there may be mild redness at the needle sites and minor bruising is possible, however there is no “down-time” following treatment.

After a constitutional facial acupuncture session it is normal to notice an improved glow and radiance to your skin. You may also experience an improved sleep and noticeable increase in daytime energy.

Treatment Plan and Maintenance Recommendations

Ongoing treatment recommendations will be discussed at your initial consultation, based on your individual presentation.

As a general guideline, a full treatment consists of 10-12 appointments spaced weekly or fortnightly (after 5 initial weekly treatments). Firmer, toned skin may only require 8 – 10 appointments, however people who are smokers or who have particularly lined or low-elasticity (sagging) skin will require more treatments. Allow one hour for regular appointments.

Within the first 2 - 3 treatments you can expect to see an improvement in your skin, particularly increased radiance and the softening of lines and wrinkles. Clients usually note that they look “less tired”.

Over treatments 4 – 7 noticeable firming of muscle tone and lifting of sagging areas becomes more obvious as well as a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin will look “plumper” and better hydrated.

By the end of your treatment period (8 – 12 sessions), you will experience the full benefits of constitutional facial acupuncture – firmer, plumper skin and a softening and reduction in wrinkle depth and possibly length. Fine lines will be minimised. Overall your skin will look more even-toned, radiant and have an improved “glow”.

Maintenance treatments are recommended to maintain the improvement in your skin. These may be timed six monthly or annually depending on your skin and a recommendation will be included as part of your treatment.

Is Facial Acupuncture suitable for everyone?

Some health conditions and previous facial treatments can affect your suitability for constitutional facial acupuncture. Prior to booking, please contact me to discuss your treatment if any of the following are relevant to you:

  • Previous facial surgery or face lift in the past 6 months (although facial acupuncture may assist in reducing the associated scarring)

  • ‘Botox’ injections, collagen fillers, laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, chemical peels in the last three months.

  • Facial sunburn or severe migraines in the past 3 months

  • A diagnosis of a bleeding disorder, eg haemophilia or any conditions that affect your immune system

  • A prescription of blood thinning/anticoagulant medication, eg Warfarin/Coumadin or Aspirin

  • Pregnancy.

Initial constitutional facial acupuncture treatments can be booked on-line.

Complimentary, no obligation 10 minute appointments are available if you would like to discuss treatment details prior to booking. Please contact me directly to organise.



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