What is cupping?

Cupping therapy involves placing a rounded glass cup on the body to create a vacuum between the surface of the skin and the cup. The usual way to create a vacuum is by heating the glass cup with a flame to remove the oxygen, then quickly placing the glass cup onto the body. The vacuum, or suction created, encourages blood flow to the skin surface.

A usual treatment would involve placing a number of warmed cups over the area to be treated.

In Chinese Medicine theory this promotes circulation and helps remove congestion. The warmth from the heated cups helps to remove “damp and cold”.

Cupping can be used in different locations on the body, although the back is the most common site. Mobile cupping can also be used and this involves moving a cup around an area of the body, eg the back, once the vacuum has been created.

Cupping is most commonly used to help remove congestion and stagnation, eg respiratory conditions, and some types of pain, eg lower back pain and painful periods due to a “cold” abdomen.


What to expect?

Cupping is a very relaxing technique, particularly when warmed cups are used. It can be incorporated as part of an acupuncture session, or booked separately if desired.

The cups are usually left in place for 10 – 15 minutes depending on each individual response.

Cupping will leave distinct marks (bruising) on the body where the cups have been placed. These usually completely subside within 7 – 10 days. However, if you were planning on wearing a backless dress within that time frame – please discuss with me before treatment! It may be best to put off cupping until after the event.

Cupping is a very safe treatment, however there are some important pre-cautions to always discuss before your treatment:

  • High fever or feeling unwell on the day of treatment

  • Skin allergies or any skin ulcers or damaged areas of skin

  • Pregnancy (cupping treatment would avoid the lower back and abdomen)

  • Anti-coagulant medication, eg Aspirin or any warfarin based prescription that will increase the risk of bleeding and bruising.

Book your cupping session today or please call to discuss the benefits of cupping in more detail.