What is Qivolve Health?

Qi (pronounced chi) is the Chinese word for our life force or fundamental energy.

Qi is the foundation of life.

It determines our health and vitality – both physically and emotionally.

Evolution is what happens to us every day – whether we like it or not.

“Qivolve” is about taking control and engaging in the process of your own health. Learn, understand and consciously manage your own health to gain the most from every day.

I have created Qivolve Health as a space for you to focus on regaining your ideal health.

It is a combination of the therapies that I have studied and the experience that I have gained from over 20 years in practice – brought together to provide a “tool box” from which we can choose the best treatment ideas that are effective, practical and manageable for you.

Please book online for services or contact me directly to discuss the most suitable treatment for you