What is Naturopathy?

Modern Naturopathy embodies the best traditional teachings with a practical, achievable way to improve your health, energy and vitality.

The founding philosophy of all natural therapies is that the body has an instilled will to live, remain healthy and if unwell – return to good health.

When taking your case history, a Naturopath considers your total health presentation to fully understand the underlying cause of your illness or lack of well-being. Questioning focuses on your symptoms, as well as a detailed discussion of other physical and emotional aspects that have contributed to your current health presentation.

An individual treatment plan is then designed for you that focuses on correcting the underlying cause of your ill health as well as providing more immediate relief of symptoms.

What to expect?

A typical initial treatment will include a comprehensive case discussion and take approximately 1 hour. Your treatment will start straight away and you will leave with recommendations that you can start implementing immediately, as well as any remedies that are prescribed.

Most people report improvement very quickly and we continue working together until your ideal state of health is achieved. Over time, it is the confidence and power that you regain over your own health that is the most satisfying aspect of Naturopathic treatment.

In recent years, the practice of quality natural medicine has flourished and integrated with mainstream healthcare in many ways.

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Naturopathic therapies available at Qivolve Health:

Herbal Medicine

Individual formulas offer the most precise and personal remedy for your health improvement. Following your initial consultation, your own herbal formula will be developed if required. This will be adjusted over your treatment period as your symptoms, health and vitality improve. Tablet formulations are also available if preferred.

Clinical Nutrition & Dietary Planning

Sensible, practical and manageable dietary advice is provided as part of your consultation. Information that is based on sound experience and research will be recommended and adapted to your lifestyle so that you can start incorporating genuine change immediately. No fads! If nutrients are required in therapeutic levels, nutritional supplements will be discussed as part of your treatment plan. At Qivolve Health we use only the highest quality practitioner products so you can be confident that they are not only effective but have undergone stringent testing to ensure they are pure and ethical.


This specialised practice is useful for both stubborn, long standing illnesses as well as the relief of symptoms. The remedies are prepared on small, pleasant tasting dissolvable tablets that are easy to take. This is an ideal treatment form for children.

Flower Essences

Can be incorporated into your treatment plan where emotional issues form part of the underlying cause of ill-health. They provide a safe and gentle addition to your treatment. At Qivolve Health the original Dr Bach flower essences are used in the traditional way.


Common Conditions assisted by Naturopathy at Qivolve Health

  • Stress, fatigue and lack of energy – adrenal exhaustion, thyroid conditions and chronic fatigue

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Insomnia

  • Digestive disorders including food allergies & intolerances, reflux and IBS

  • Insulin resistance including Type II diabetes and fatty liver

  • Women’s reproductive symptoms including irregular or heavy periods, period pain, pre-menstrual symptoms, endometriosis, PCOS and menopause

  • Preconception and pregnancy support

  • Respiratory complaints including recurrent infections, hayfever and tonsillitis

  • Skin conditions including eczema, dermatitis & psoriasis

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Minor depression and anxiety symptoms

  • Healthy aging including cardiovascular and cognition support and bone health

  • Children’s & babies’ health including eczema, food issues and sleep problems 

Bookings can be made online or please call me on 0417 035 003 to discuss your treatment options in more detail